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Delighted Clients

A one-size fits all approach did not work for our business model. We’ve been working with Fiscal Fitness since 1998 and they have always been extremely flexible in helping meet our changing needs.
Iwamoto Kong & Co., Inc.

When we opened our doors we couldn’t have done it without Fiscal Fitness. What would have taken us months, took them just weeks. The attention to detail, professionalism, friendliness, and flexibility delivered by Fiscal Fitness should be practiced by more businesses!
Pete Woodring, CFP

Fiscal Fitness is 100% reliable and accurate. They give me peace of mind knowing my reconciliations are perfect every time. I would never think of making a change!
Dr. Alan Hoffman

Fiscal Fitness is a key partner for our business, allowing us to keep our focus on our core competency; helping clients achieve their financial goals.
Harmon Kong, CFP

Having Fiscal Fitness handle this important part of our back office, gives me peace of mind and the time to be able to focus on clients and revenue generations.
Carol L. Fishburn, CFP

As our PortfolioCenter “guru”, Fiscal Fitness focuses on developing trust through reliable communication, an incredible attention to detail and a genuine sense of caring for our clients as if they were their own.
Greg Richardson, CFP

Fiscal Fitness is absolutely our best outsourced resource; willing to go the extra mile to provide the service and reliability important to us and our clients.
Jeff Platt, CFP

As a sole proprietor, I needed help simplifying my work and improving reporting for the benefit of my clients. Fiscal Fitness delivered on both counts. I can’t say enough about the high quality of their technical support, as well as their exceptional character and ethical business practices.
Mike Pettit, CFP

Fiscal Fitness helped us set up PortfolioCenter in a clean, no-nonsense way. The training we received has been invaluable, and we are always well supported by the Fiscal Fitness team and their ongoing responsiveness and accessibility.
Kaufman Kampe Advisors, LLC


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